Who We Are?


We are excited about this journey to keep reading culture alive in our young ones! All that is required in our book clubs is to engage in personal reading and once we meet the children get to share what they have read and table new and difficult words for clarity. Reading should be encouraged to be of decent content since some books may corrupt the children morals. With this challenge we hope for parent’s participation in reviewing what their child is reading. Guide them on how to select what to read and even read through first. We then share a meal and have some fun with maps as we are initiating map use and map reading to the children in a fun and informative way. Children are eager to learn new concepts and mapping their familiar areas, home and school intrigues them.

Our style of book club is unique, we do not participate in the reading of a specific book to then share on it but rather we allow every child to read what they like and what is readily accessible to them and as we share we listen to the content they read.

We are nurturing children who love writing stories and poems, we intend to publish storybooks with a collection from the children and this will make them further own the books and keep the reading and writing talents alive in them. The other skill is drawing and volunteer fine arts teachers will assist with this talent. The club envisages involving many more schools in the county. Currently the club is in 8 schools in Mweiga, public and private, primary and secondary.

Assistance in form of reading books, writing and drawing materials will make its operations easy. Children need to spend less time glued to electronic gadgets and get involved in fun mental and physical activities. ThinkYouth! is an initiative to empower youth as most youth are lacking role models. We intend to challenge adults to mentor at least one youth as a way to giving back to the community. Reward scheme for ECDE teachers who do a hard job but are rarely recognized is also an activity that Think Community Based Organization hopes to make happen once donor funds are available. Details on the selection criteria will be shared at such a time when it will be an active endeavour. As of now, the Thinkwords book club and ThinkYouth! are operational. We invite ideas and comments to make the Organisation to serve the community better.

To ensure no child is left out in every activity, we invite you to assist in buying assorted activity materials. Click on the Support button to select an item.