what we do


Our style of book club is unique, we do not participate in the reading of a specific book to then share on it but rather we allow every child to read what they like and what is readily accessible to them and as we share we listen to the content they read. We are nurturing children who love writing stories and poems, we intend to publish storybooks with a collection from the children and this will make them further own the books and keep the reading and writing talents alive in them. The other skill is drawing and volunteer fine arts teachers will assist with this talent.


ThinkYouth! is an initiative to empower youth as most youth are lacking role models. We intend to challenge adults to mentor at least one youth as a way to giving back to the community..


Reward scheme for Early Childhood Development Education teachers who do a hard job but rarely recognized is also an activity that Think Community Based Organization hopes to make happen once donor funds are available.

Details on the selection criteria will be shared at such a time when it will be an active endeavour. ECDE is an area that requires one to be passionate and patient as they work with young chiildren. we appreciate the long hours that these teachers put in to care for the children and not forgetting their creativity.